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  • Our best headphones for 2024 | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    Our best headphones for 2024!

    Here's a useful guide to help you make the right choice. Some great innovations have emerged, and we describe them below.

    What's new?

    Every headset featured in this article will have at least one of the following enhancements: ...

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  • JBL 2024 self-contained loudspeakers. Revolution, innovation and continuity | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    JBL 2024 self-contained loudspeakers. Revolution, innovation and continuity!

    The summer season is upon us, and we're betting we'll make the most of it! More than 10 years ago, a new category of electronic products was born to fill a need for outdoor entertainment. Until then, there were the "Ghetto Blasters", bulky, heavy and inefficient radio sets. They weren't very powerful or faithful, and used a lot of energy via disposable batteries. Today, we've made giant strides as artificial intelligence (AI) is introduced, to squeeze every possible decibel out of a more than formidable power consumption! This means unprecedented autonomy. But what about sound? We invite you to read on to find out what's in store for the "James Lansing Company" known as JBL!
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  • Have you thought of everything for your outdoor corner | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    Have you thought of everything for your outdoor corner?

    Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the desire to make the most of our outdoor space. Whether you're planning a kitchenette, poolside or terrace, have you thought about your technological environment?

    Sonxplus is the supplier of choice to help you create your outdoor entertainment environment. In this blog, our experts review what you need to plan to create your own piece of paradise.

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  • The Frame 2024 | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    Samsung The Frame 2024

    Samsung The Frame, a success since 2017.

    These televisions have revolutionized the market since their debut 7 years ago.

    Knowing that many consumers have always found a large, deep device cumbersome and undecorative, Samsung set out to reduce each of the TV's drawbacks to form a whole that would blend in with the décor. The features listed below demonstrate this.

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  • 2024 A rich year for sound lovers | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    2024 A busy year for sound lovers at Sonxplus!

    It's well known that autumn and winter are the seasons for cocooning, when most people hibernate at home. There are outdoor enthusiasts, of course, but climate change sometimes forces us to stay cozy and warm at home.

    Why get bored?

    For great evenings out, opt for a good meal, a little glass of whatever you like best, and finish it all off with a film or careful listening to what modern audio equipment has to offer.

    The watchwords: relaxation, respite from busy days, and escape!

    We offer you a short list of audio products available at your Sonxplus. These products will be useful for making your home sound like never before.

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  • Paradigm | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    The PARADIGM legends!

    This year marks the 41e anniversary of the brand, whose origins lie in Canada and whose market has long been international. To celebrate this event, we're looking forward to an autumn of discounts of all kinds, as well as a commemorative Founders series to be unveiled at the end of the fall. Needless to say, if you want some Paradigm, now's the time! You're probably wondering, who's behind this Canadian success story with world-renowned speakers? Here's the answer!
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  • What to give a techno person | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    What to give a Techno Person

    Another year evaporates, and what a year it's been ...

    The holidays are traditionally a well-deserved break in our increasingly busy lives, but before we can relax during the famous period following Christmas Day, we have to prepare carefully: food, drink and... gifts for others or ourselves. To help you in your choice of tech gifts, we've put together a selection of products offering good value for money. We say "satisfaction", because no matter how much you pay, if you or your recipient aren't happy with their new toy, it'll always be too expensive!

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  • Sonos | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    The new SONOS!

    On January 27, 2005, after 4 years of research and development, the first Sonos products left the factory to be delivered to new retailers. Initially few in number, the number of dealers grew steadily. Sonxplus, the proudly Quebecois chain, was one of the first to recognize the potential of this wonderful product.
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  • Amplifiers | SONXPLUS St-Sauveur

    Amplifiers, the heart of your system.

    What is the heart of your audio system? It's the audio amplifier. Sound materializes as a weak electrical signal. To make this signal audible, the loudspeakers have to vibrate the ambient air. As the signal is very weak, an amplifier must be inserted into the distribution chain.

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